Women’s Fashion that Men Hate

I’ve been itching to post ANYTHING lately, so I found this article and reviewed it. Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women: http://shine.yahoo.com/ch…

2011/09/01 Marilyn Denis: Men's and Women's Fashion Trends

Sarah Casselman on Marilyn Denis, showing various ways of wearing leather and still looking chic. Sarah Casselman on Marylin Denis Show talking about top tre…
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25 Responses to “Women’s Fashion that Men Hate”

  1. Logan B says:

    This is about women’s fashion that MEN hate. You think you look good in it,
    but we don’t. To whom should I give credit?

  2. SimplyScott1 says:

    Please make more videos!! I really like your videos! I 5 stars for trying
    for the 5AG! SimplyScott1

  3. Eli Nilsen says:

    I agree with you o.o Especially with the uggs! They look like cozy slippers
    or something o.o Everywhere I go, I see girls wearing uggs. They don’t seem
    to be shoes of good quality. When I see people wear them in wet snow or
    rain, it looks like the shoes are ruined. And every person I know who has
    them say that they’re comfortable and warm o.o What about shoes you can
    have for a long time? o.o But it’s okey. Everyone shall wear what they want
    to wear^^

  4. javy rosario says:

    dude u are like awesome ur mad right especially the tatoes and them looking
    like white trash keep the vids comming

  5. Alex Aguirre says:

    What about floral stuff and those ugly shorts that go with the floral shirts

  6. sunnythebadger says:

    well in Seattle a lot of girls have to wear like (stylish) boots (NOT UGGS)
    and they were leg warmers with them but its Seattle so everyone can pull
    them off.

  7. C Jackson says:

    OKAY.. but to be honest some guys do like this on women and personally not
    everyone looks bad in these clothes so to agree that NO GUY likes these
    fashion statements isnt entirely true. However I do know that some girls
    wear clothes badly and force guys to hate what they wear, which may be the
    latest trend, but it might just be where your at and whos wearing it…..

  8. mbutterfly808 says:

    You are right. As a woman who likes classic stile I agree that most of
    these trends are just weird. When a woman says that she looks good she
    really thinks “I look trendy”. When a man says she looks good he thinks
    “she looks sexy, feminine”. I try to follow the latter and hopefully don’t
    have to change my wardrobe every season cause something is “in trends” or
    “out of fashion”..

  9. mbutterfly808 says:

    I absolutely agree! I dont wan’t to sound conceited, but having very good
    legs I am actually “entitled” to wear skinny jeans. But regular jeans looks
    much better! Not to mention too skinny girls (legs look like sticks as you
    said), or too big girls (they look even bigger wearing skinny jeans). I
    completely don’t understand this trend!! They make your body out of
    proportion – woman wearing them looke like a triangle turned upside down –
    especially when they wear ballets or other delicate shoes!

  10. Jmunguia says:

    i live in Dallas and iam always seeing old white women with way to much
    makeup now that is gross

  11. PennyLane2421 says:

    I agree with the Uggs thing. They are actually so bizarre and ugly,
    especially when they are getting a bit old, and all the material bends to
    the middle. Not good. Loved the video =]

  12. C Jackson says:

    lol this guy has no idea what hes talking about all this stuff is totally
    in and i have to say that most people (like me) look good in these things.
    Everything is not for everybody but give credit where credit is

  13. 01virag24 says:

    Talk a bit louder pls 🙂

  14. Donae Smith says:

    BOOO!! i love leggings!!

  15. Sophie Matlary says:

    who is this geek lol

  16. rend120 says:

    Yea…women Can do skinny jeans (unlike guys) but they still look WAY
    BETTER in regular or boot cut jeans. Guy or girl, you look so strangely
    proportioned, why do you like your legs to look like sticks?

  17. rend120 says:

    This video touched on the obvious bad things like uggs and harem pants-I
    know many women hate those but there are a lot of other fashions that 90%
    of women like that some men do but tons don’t…lose the dresses, high
    heels, skirts and toms, and especially the skinny stretch pants with the
    short dress/maternity shirt, whatever it’s supposed to be. You look much
    better in jeans and a button up shirt or t-shirt and sneakers

  18. 95kkdiamond says:

    I love jeggings. Those jeggings weren’t that cute. But jeggings in general
    their basically just skinny jeans but the material is a cross between jeans
    and leggings. Their just more comfortable. But yeah I agree with the too
    much makeup thing. I don’t agree with the Ugg boots I love Ugg boots, I
    don’t wear mine with summer clothed though…lol. So I can see why you
    didn’t like it. But everyone has their own preference.

  19. Kayla James says:

    eeek, background music was waaay distacting ;/

  20. Sydney Yam says:

    I probably don’t agree on 2-3 thing and I’m actually a fashion major in
    college, but I respect your opinion, I don’t know why this video has 10
    dislikes people disagree on things and that’s an aspect of life

  21. autumnvibes says:

    Well guess what? Us women do not dress for men. We dress for ourself. And
    if we feel happy and confident in uggs, we will wear them and fucking
    flaunt it. 

  22. sara winchester says:


  23. mik luvsanimals says:

    skinny jeans on some guys is really sexy!!!! Just sayin

  24. Soo Zee says:

    A lot of women don’t care what men think of what they wear, and aren’t
    about to change themselves to suit anyone else’s idea of attractive.

  25. Stef C says:

    You know what? Instead of appreciating women as they are, you would rather
    manipulate women into denying the things that make us happy and
    comfortable? Women can wear whatever they want and do not need to take any
    shit from you or other men to tell us what to wear or do. Grow some balls.