Prepping Your Wardrobe For Fall , Fall Fashion 2013

Before you go out and spend all your money, rummage through your closet and check out pieces from past seasons, including summer, that you can transition ove…
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40 Responses to “Prepping Your Wardrobe For Fall , Fall Fashion 2013”

  1. SoSimplyDope Naja says:

    Jeffrey Campbell The Spike Shoe in Taupe Suede

  2. Tosha Devon says:

    The Mock Neck Dress and Denim Jacket.

  3. Rachel benoit says:

    I am soo in love with The Nissa Shoe in Royal Blue!!!!

  4. MsElitist says:

    Great job!

  5. redfirepixie141 says:

    Ash Shoes The Brooklyn Sneaker in Stone..

  6. poosandweeszx says:

    Jeffrey Campbell: The Omni Boot in Tan Suede

  7. lindoanika says:

    The first shoes

  8. luvsnatural69 says:

    Ash shoes Bowie Ter in black washed :.)

  9. Shaine Jayme says:

    MINKPINK-The Sandra Dee PU Pants in Black!.

  10. SoSimplyDope Naja says:

    The Lulu Shoe in Black

  11. SoSimplyDope Naja says:

    The Brava Shoe in Electric Blue Suede

  12. redfirepixie141 says:

    Vintage Boutique The D’Mode Suede Jacket.

  13. SoSimplyDope Naja says:

    The Lolla Boot in Chestnut

  14. Dms Sag says:

    the haide bag in camel python. it’s such a pop of color

  15. quianasofresh says:

    The Glam Sweater by b

  16. redfirepixie141 says:

    Joyrich The Cat Joy Tee in Off White.

  17. nm says:

    Jeffery Campbell the Munster in black are my must

  18. DeShenna Payton says:

    Loooove that vest…it does glam it up!

  19. ch Fox says:

    I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The Iona II Sneaker in Burgundy Multi…
    They are so Fab and right up my alley! 🙂

  20. 02tallbaby says:

    Rosemary dress in red

  21. Renee R says:

    So cute..Luv this style…..The Later Days Pant in Black

  22. Renee R says:

    OMG…I’m in heaven….The Quilted Faux Leather Pants

  23. Renee R says:

    I love, love……The Deville Pleather Pant by Tripp NYC

  24. Renee R says:

    The Backstage Pass Jacket by Mink Pink

  25. Katrina Hart says:

    The K. Bell Old Fashioned Over the Knee Sock :)

  26. The Fashionate says:

    Hey Girl! Um my bf actually films and he uses a very profesh cam. He works
    for an audio visual company so he has access to some seriously professional
    equipment including the came we use. I have no idea what the techy name is
    but i know its what they use sometimes for television and so on. Glad to
    hear you got some inspiration xo

  27. loubsnboobs says:

    Wow, you sew too?! You’re so talented!

  28. sweet16fashion says:

    Closet Tour please

  29. Chidarakehime says:

    I would really like your advice on i found a great pair of high
    waisted jeans on sale for $15 and i really want them but im really afraid
    to buy from them in case I get customs fees. What has your experience been
    with asos?

  30. The Fashionate says:

    No problem! So I have ordered from them a few times over the years. Some of
    my fave pieces are from there. I love river island and aqua which are a few
    brands they sell. As far as customs go, I live in canada. When I have made
    purchases over 100$ I have been charged approximately 30-40$. with that
    said I try to space out my orders keeping them under 100$. Thats my advice.
    The asos sale section is great! You can get a lot of trendy pieces for a
    small price. The quality is similar to H&M.

  31. richard leclerc says:

    Thank you Amber. Great videos! You’ve given this older chick some fresh

  32. The Fashionate says:

    you should check out asos! Thats where I got this dress and they have tons
    of items with similar cuts. I wear a UK 8. I am 5’3 and 113 pounds. so that
    should give you an idea of the fit 🙂

  33. theskinscientist says:

    Great video! I love how u encourage ur audience to recycle through your
    clothes instead of throwing so many stupid hauls at us. 😉

  34. IzzieOfficially says:

    The quality of your video is soooo good! What camera do you use? You gave
    me great ideas for my fall wardrobe 🙂 x

  35. Delia Gaspar says:


  36. The Fashionate says:

    Ya! so true. You tube can be very showy and not everyone can go out and
    over haul their wardrobe for every season. Thats why I made this video :).

  37. The Fashionate says:

    Glad to hear it! 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  38. The Fashionate says:

    I’ll be working on that! Thanks for watching 🙂

  39. SimmyBlu says:

    nice body

  40. Miche. C says:

    Love your videos! Where did you get that red top/dress? It’s hard to find
    tight long sleeve dresses or tops!