Latest Fashion Trends 2012

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33 Responses to “Latest Fashion Trends 2012”

  1. shayna m says:

    I love Nicolette, I’m not really “plus size” but I’m bigger and have no
    idea how to dress my body and I find “Big girl in a skinny world” and
    Nicolette’s tips to help me a ton! She’s so funny too!

  2. says:

    We love you back!! Thanks for commenting. 🙂 xo

  3. makayla monson says:

    I’ve been really into 80’s sweaters/Vest with cute prints.

  4. sebs0625 says:

    I love ur outfit!!! 🙂

  5. dominique loor says:

    omg i have that shirt (L)

  6. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @1995HunnyBunny Hey a uk 16 is a us 12 🙂 if you need inspiration on what
    dresses to buy for a full size figure feel free to check my ootds 🙂 I’m a
    uk size 16/18 and wear dresses and skirts mostly 🙂 x

  7. mamaslovesmakeup says:

    Oh no i flagged it as innapropriate on my ipod on accident when i was
    trying to give it a thumbs up :'( anything i can do ??

  8. bell angels says:

    I’m not a plus size, but I love watching your videos Nicolette. You are
    very inspiring! Thank you so much! 😀

  9. mamaslovesmakeup says:

    love ur shirt

  10. lovekisses99 says:

    Hi there….first let me say I adore you and this channel. I was wondering
    if you would consider phasing in some photos or links? I think that would
    be over the top awesome. I’m a plus fashionista and I’m willing to help to
    do some photo hunting ❤❤

  11. Grace Marshall says:

    Hey! I am 16 and wear a size 18-20AUS 14-16US, I love clothes and dresses
    like on, but I just can’t afford it. 🙁 Are there any other
    online stores like this that are cheaper and also ship to Australia where I

  12. valentina montarese says:

    My body shape is a little odd I guess because I’m very busty and I have a
    very wide waist but skinny legs.. so cinching my waist makes me look even
    bigger.. what sort of coat would you raccomand me?

  13. Levigna1983 says:

    Cuould you talk about how to find the perfect bra? You have big breast but
    I don’t, but I have back fat that adds inches to my upper body. So I kinda
    find it hard to find bras that fit my cup and my back at the same time? Do
    you have any tips for that?

  14. SaRea Surmon says:

    I think you are awesome, love the videos! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  15. Maryori Lencinas says:

    Examples please!

  16. fabhair09 says:


  17. K JG says:

    Definitely pencil skirts in different colours and in a nice ponte stretch
    material… too cute! 🙂

  18. heytheremegggg says:

    What do you think of the leggings trend for plus size girls and what are
    some good ways to make them look better and not accentuate bulky waist

  19. .AccessoryAddict. says:

    What is the point if you’re not going to show examples of what you’re
    talking about??

  20. Emma Crump says:

    Can you recommend what type of skirts plus sizes can look nice in? 🙂 i’m
    in a UK 16 which i think is a US 14. I have big legs but my boyfriend wants
    me to wear more skirts and dresses, could you recommend some nice ones that
    i can get in the UK? 🙂

  21. 595nadia says:

    shes soooooooooooooooo pretttttty

  22. Jessie Essie says:

    omg where did she get her shirt ! i need to know ! lol

  23. Martha Salazar says:

    I love these types of videos. Just a recommendation, you could include
    photos of what you were talking about in the video so we see it!

  24. Massi Rossello says:

    I would be perfect if you can model yourself the choices you recommend…

  25. metrykat says:

    Hi Nicolette, I like what you said about finding your own style as you get
    older. Problem is that I’m plus size, just turned 49 yrs old and still have
    not found “my” style. I tend to stay in sweat pants and big t-shirts. I
    need your help. Katharine

  26. StrictlyyFashion says:

    whatever that is weirdo .

  27. StrictlyyFashion says:

    Hater haha (;

  28. TheDrahcir93 says:

    Dislike! ;D

  29. TheDrahcir93 says:

    That’s how I trololol 😉

  30. lola martinez says:


  31. Jupiter Man says:

    A lot of these made me go, “Asdaf! I want that!” Thanks for the video,
    quite inspirational ^^

  32. StrictlyyFashion says:

    thanks <3 😀

  33. KeepingItUpWithMe says:

    Love the vid 🙂