Curvy girls Autumn (fall)/ Winter trends lookbook and talk! 2012

hey everyone so a few trends for you that i have picked up from the runway for autumn/winter fashion. what is your favourite trend? Trend1 outfit: camo and k…
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25 Responses to “Curvy girls Autumn (fall)/ Winter trends lookbook and talk! 2012”

  1. StyleHasNoSize says:

    haha sorry forgot to put it in the down bar, its hana1992 😀 x

  2. fashiontabulous says:

    youre so pretty =)

  3. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @Ariana0999 chunky heals! Definately 😀 or some loafers, or try lace up
    ankle boots too 🙂 the military ones x

  4. StyleHasNoSize says:

    haha, aww thats so cute! 😀 glad you enjoyed it ! 😀 youre very welcome x

  5. georgia abbott says:

    your body is perfect!

  6. xxmonstermaniacxx says:

    Love this! Need that pretty primark maxi dress in my life!

  7. MyBeautyChoice says:

    Love how this was geared towards curvy girls 🙂 gorgeous outfits If you
    could, please check out my channel sometime :)? I just started it!

  8. Kayleigh x says:

    omg love outfit 3! xx

  9. Shelby Comer says:

    gave you ever cut your hair ? how long is it ?

  10. ophelia88fly says:

    thank you so much !

  11. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @ophelia88fly Aw that is very sweet of you , and your English was perfectly
    fine 😀 x you are welcome

  12. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @xxmonstermaniacxx Get it! I saw it in stored about a fortnight ago it was
    still there :p

  13. PlusModelinTheMaking says:


  14. StyleHasNoSize says:

    haha aw thank you 😀 x

  15. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @georgia abbott Haha it isn’t but thank you for the compliment 🙂 x

  16. BecomingJane0 says:

    Great video! Where did you get that white, lace dress? It gorgeous, and I
    need it lol!! Btw, you are super pretty! 🙂

  17. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @mehe85 Woop glad you liked em! X 2nd was my fav x

  18. StyleHasNoSize says:

    thank you 🙂

  19. StyleHasNoSize says:

    aw thank you sweetness! <3

  20. KaTiivienna92 says:

    i do love the dress at 13:27 ! where did you get that from ?? you’re
    looking gorgeous in it! 🙂

  21. rebecca burgandy says:

    whats your instagram? x

  22. StyleHasNoSize says:

    @Misshelbyx And I love you! :p yes I have loadddssss! X

  23. Samantha Derrick says:

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  24. Marlou B. says:

    <3 love the maxi dress on you! Very georgous!

  25. Jenny Rauhl says:

    what size did you get the ebay jacket in? because I was originally planning
    to get a mdeium but since it all sold it got it in large. I’m worried that
    it would look really big on me. I actually like the baggy look would I be
    able to roll the sleeves up or would it be too big for me?