✿ Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2013/2014 – 2 Outfits ✿ in collab. con Cotton Candy

VIDEO DI FRANCESCA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdKaP1Vrb8A OUTFIT #1 -Maglione: Oviesse Skinny: Bershka Scarpe: Funny Girl Sciarpa: Vintage Bracciale Bor…
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Subscribe my Channel -Follow me on Instagram: Kathpuff (http://web.stagram.com/n/kathpuff/) Hi everyone, this video is made to help your fall/winter closet …

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  1. sofashionbasic says:

    Good choice!=]

  2. Nhung Phan says:

    U seriously should make a fashion blog. i will subsribe it.

  3. sofashionbasic says:


  4. SpritzOfGlitz says:

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    would make my year if you watched any of my videos, it would make my year
    even more spectacular if you subscribe! Thank you so much! (Thank you for
    reading this far!) 🙂

  5. iAMminky3 says:

    You have such amazing items!! 🙂

  6. a1otofyooh says:

    Surprisingly found you through google by searching how to style a denim
    jacket ^_^ love your style and creative videos! I’m wondering how tall are
    you? i’m 5″1…. love most of your outfits but not sure some of them might
    look good on me. 😛

  7. sofashionbasic says:

    I am 5″2-5″3. We are pretty much the same height!=]

  8. sofashionbasic says:


  9. sofashionbasic says:

    Will do later!=]

  10. sofashionbasic says:

    Thank you! =D

  11. sofashionbasic says:

    I ll try my best to do one later =]

  12. 7466ypb says:

    Excellent work! Adored your picks. Loved your ending 😉

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  14. sofashionbasic says:

    I have a few handbag videos, you can go take a look! Thank you! =]

  15. sofashionbasic says:

    yeah. great color trend!=]

  16. sofashionbasic says:

    Love Leather!=]

  17. najni gurung says:

    love ur femine meets edgy…… plzzz can u do styling video for classic
    long black coat for winter..

  18. cecily asplund says:

    My favorite color is maroon 🙂

  19. barbara bartram says:

    Nice video. I live in Venezuela were is always summer. Do you thing I can
    use this trend over here?? what will you recomend??

  20. Jr Happonen says:

    Freaking love girls like you who like to wear edgy leather Look!! Really
    nice 🙂

  21. sofashionbasic says:

    Thank you!=] I will think about it and maybe plan for it when have time.

  22. taila leonello says:

    Love this

  23. BiteMeXD says:

    Can you please do a handbag collection? Love your videos by the way 🙂

  24. sofashionbasic says:


  25. sofashionbasic says:

    Just send it to sofashionbasic@gmail.com. =]

  26. Shelia Johnson says:

    Nobody can’t understand you

  27. ✿ Elenina ✿ says:

    prego :*

  28. Cherol9209 says:

    Che beeeelllla:)iscritta*^*

  29. anna milazzo says:

    Il monorecchino…c’e’ l’abbiamo uguale

  30. Wakeupwith julie says:

    Ma quanto sei bella? Incredibile :3 sei troppo brava tata <3

  31. Kappalicious91 says:

    Graziee!! =) e tu sempre dolcissima a commentare! ^^

  32. Kappalicious91 says:

    Tesoro grazie!! <3 amo fare questi video con te, e poi tu sei dolcissima!!
    E' solo grazie a te che ho potuto fare la sigla ^^

  33. Kappalicious91 says:

    Hi, i study English since i was 6 years old 🙂

  34. Kappalicious91 says:

    Sei troppo dolce, grazie!!Anche tu sei bellissima dalla foto! ^^

  35. sin545 says:

    you look great in tights 🙂

  36. Mariagrazie Zaccone says:

    bella bella! sempre! :))

  37. Kappalicious91 says:

    Perchè tu?! <3 sei un tesoro Guly!!

  38. Cotton Candy says:

    Sei stata dolcissima <3 ho visto il primo look e pensavo che era bellissimo
    poi ho visto il secondo e mi sono venuti gli occhi a cuoricino ahahha me ne
    sono innamorataaa <3 bravissima tesoro e bellissima la siglia

  39. Kappalicious91 says:

    si l’ho visto indosso a molte ragazze ^^

  40. Kappalicious91 says:

    Grazie mille, e Benvenuta!! 😀

  41. Noelia T. says:


  42. Francesca taratufolo says:

    mi sono appena iscritta … mi piaci molto … infatti ora mi vedrò ogni
    tuo video … sei davvero bellissima … beata te =)

  43. Kappalicious91 says:

    Grazie mille sei troppo gentile ^^

  44. ellys1995 says:

    nuova iscritta:)) mi piacciono tanto i tuoi videoooo:D

  45. Kappalicious91 says:

    Ciao!! Se guardi in fondo all’infobox ho messo il sito con cui l’ho
    realizzata^^ si certo ci sentiamo su facebook per la collaborazione! un
    bacio 🙂

  46. Francy's World says:

    Ciao Cristy..ke karini qst outfit!!Volevo kiederti la sigla??Cm l’hai
    realizzata??Ci sentiamo in qst gg! Bacio!

  47. Freyja Tolud says:

    Why is your topic in English when you can’t even speak a word of it??!!!

  48. Kappalicious91 says:

    Grazie per il consiglio! 🙂

  49. ✿ Elenina ✿ says:

    Che bella che sei 🙂 e belli anche gli outfits 🙂

  50. Christen Makara says:

    Say what ????